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Venture Heat Epic Series Heated Mittens



Venture Heat Epic Series Heated Mittens will keep your hands warm and comfortable for up to 8 hours! The on-board control-panel lets you adjust the settings with the gloved hand minimize the exposure to the bitter, chilling winter air. The slim-profile lithium-ion batteries are hidden within the side pockets making them less intrusive for greater performance. Give your hands the extra boost of heat they need this winter with Heated Mittens.

  • Easy access control panel
  • Ultra-slim batteries
  • Full hand heating
  • Black Genuine Leather

Heat Right Where You Need It: The heating elements are carefully positioned on top of each of your fingers to allow the heat to be circulated throughout your hand for complete comfort and warmth which gives your hands the protection they need.

Lithium-Ion Battery: Depending on the settings you choose, the lightweight rechargeable batteries can power continuous heat for up to 8 hours per charge. Extend your time outdoors with increased comfort without having to worry about freezing fingers.

Embedded Control Panel: The embedded control panel is built directly onto the top of the gloves which enables you to select between 3 temperature settings Heated Mittens 

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