• Venture Heat™ Women’s Battery Heated Base Layer

Venture Heat™ Women’s Battery Heated Base Layer



Venture Heat™ Women’s Battery Heated Base Layer is specifically designed for the outdoor active female who needs to stay warm in all winter conditions. Made with a  +Venture’s Lightweight Heated Base Layer, this base layer produces extra warmth and wicks away moisture so you stay dry. Powered by the XCT heating element delivering soothing heat along your back with temperature control. Perfect for outdoor workers and winter activities. 


  • •5+ Hours of Continuous Heated Comfort       
  • Built-In Temperature Control
  • Absorbs Perspiration
  • Doesn't Bulk Outerwear




  • 1 Heated Base Layer
  • 1 Home Charger
  • 1 Battery w. Temp Controller       
  • 1 Instruction Manual


1) Focused Heating Area: The base layer is equipped with a single zone heating design that provides warmth through an extra long, heating panel along the length of the back to warm your core and promote blood circulation to your entire body.

2) Moisture Wicking Technology: By wicking moisture away from your body, you don’t have to worry about staying dry as the polyester-spandex blend dries much faster than conventional cotton fabrics which will keep your warm longer.

3) Xtreme Comfort Technology: Powered by low-voltage lithium-ion battery. The XCT technology offers targeted core body heating through micro-alloy fibers built into a heating panel. It eliminates the need for outdated heavy coils and bulky insulation.

4) Heat on Demand: Enjoy the comforts of having soothing heat when and where you need it most with just the push of a button.