• No-Slip Ice Cleats Extreme

No-Slip Ice Cleats Extreme




No-Slip Ice Cleats EXTREME provides our highest quality anti-slip protection. Never let icy conditions slow you down again. No-Slip Ice Cleats EXTREME fits easily over your favorite sneakers, shoes or work boots to provide professional grade stability on ice and snow. These durable cleats allow you to work safely outside, exercise in icy conditions and can be used by anyone to provide extra security against dangerous slips and falls. •

  • Professional Grade Slip Protection •
  • Heavy Duty Solid Alloy Spikes •
  • Complete Foot Slip Control •

Includes: Stability Straps

No-Slip Ice Cleat Sizes :

  • SMALL/MEDIUM : Fits Men 5-8 & Fits Women 6-9.5
  • LARGE/XL: Fits Men 8.5-14 & Fits Women 10+