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Cool Downz®: Cool Value Pack 250




Cool Downz® Special Price: $2.59 Per Piece

Cool Downz® are the most popular neck coolers in the world, with millions sold wordwide! Soak your Cool Downz® bandanna in water and it inflates with a cooling gel that stays activated for days! It will feel like you have your own personal air conditioner. Cool Downz® work with the natural power of evaporation to stay cool, so they are perfectly safe for all people, children and pets.

Wear them around your head or neck and feel cooler for outdoor activities such as gardening, sports, or just walking the dog.



•Cool Downz® help beat the heat, fight exhaustion, and avoid dehydration. • Relieves hot flashes, fever, stress and discomfort. • Cool Downz® are safe and reusable and perfect for sports, working, camping, sunbathing, and anywhere you need to stay cool!