• AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit Pain Relief
  • AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit Pain Relief
  • AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit Pain Relief
  • AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit Pain Relief
  • AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit Pain Relief

AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit Pain Relief




The AuraWave Pain Relief Perfect TENS is the first FDA-cleared Class II medical device available without a prescription for treating pain using muscle stimulation technology.

What's included?



In addition to Pain Relief, the AuraWave works other powerful ways: 

  • Active Muscle Toning: Through electronic pulses similar to those produced by the brain to stimulate muscle tissue during active exercise, the AuraWave can deliver a vigorous work-out to improve muscle tone and performance.
  • Stress Relief: The AuraWave offers pre-programmed modes designed to simulate a soothing massage at the muscle-tissue level, promoting stress relief and general relaxation. 

How it works

Simply place the AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit electrode pads over your area of pain, select the setting that's right for you, and stop your hurt where it starts! The AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit is equipped with six manual modes that deliver specific treatment techniques and four automatic modes that have been specially calibrated, using a series of pre-programmed pulses, to optimally deliver therapeutic results ranging from soothing relaxation, to deep-tissue stimulation, to invigorating muscle-building. Much like pain, all people are different. Being able to not only choose from the 10 preset modes, but also from 10 levels of intensity, allows users to customize their pain treatment to their pain levels! For lower-back pain, the AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit comes equipped with an adjustable Back Relief Belt that holds the adhesive electrode pads firmly in place on either side of the lower spine in the ideal treatment position. For about the same price as a therapist visit, the AuraWave T.E.N.S. Unit offers more than a pain treatment, it offers a pain SOLUTION.

How AuraWave™ Fights Pain: The patent-pending AuraWave system delivers soothing, low-frequency pulses to fight pain in three unique ways:

1. Pain Signal Interference: AuraWave pulses, picked up by nerve receptors, travel along the nerve pathways and intercept pain signals before they reach the brain, minimizing or even eliminating your body's sense of pain around the treatment area.

2. Muscle Fiber Stimulation: Stimulation by the AuraWave pulses relax tense muscle fibers by contracting and relaxing the muscles, creating something like a pump-effect in which blood flow is increased to the affected muscle area and inflammatory toxins are washed away.

3. Endorphin Production: AuraWave pulses stimulate the body's production of endorphins. Endorphins are natural compounds found in the human body that can fight pain and generate a sense of well-being, enabling the natural chemistry of your body to help fight your pain.