• 2 Basic Packs (Half Off 2nd Basic Pack)

2 Basic Packs (50% off 2nd Basic Pack)




Nature's Approach® Anywhere Basic Herbal Pack can be microwaved or frozen for pain relief and muscle relaxation. This Herbal Aromatherapy Pack is made to offer a non-invasive therapy for your head, neck, shoulder, elbow, stomach (menstrual), leg, knee and foot problems.

Aromatherapy Herbal Pack Filling Includes 100% Nature's Finest Herbs: •Lavender •Peppermint •Spearmint •Valerian Root •Cinnamon •Chamomile •Clove •White Willow •Yarrow •Yellow Dock Root •Lemongrass •Flax Seed (provides moist heat therapy).

•Size: 10" x 5"


Essential For: •

  • Massage Therapy •
  • Muscle Pain •
  • Sport Injuries •
  • Relaxation •
  • Migraines & Headaches •
  • Hot Flashes 

How to use


Just heat this herbal pack in the microwave and place it on an aching muscles or joints for fast relief. The moist heat and soothing fragrance of lavender, rosemary, spearmint and other herbs and grains will help reduce pain so you can decompress after a hard day. You can freeze the pack and use it to reduce swelling, muscle spasms or bruising. The natural herbal fill will always conform to the contours of your body for maximum relief.