More About Nature's Approach®

Nature's Approach® Herbal Packs Perfectly Target Aches and Pains Providing Relief Where You Need it Most!

Essential For: •

Massage Therapy •
    Muscle Pain Migraines & Headaches •
    Sport Injuries •  Hot Flashes


    Available Styles:

    Basic PackOur universal offering for relief anywhere on your body


    Eye PillowAn eye mask with infused aromatherapy, perfect for bed time


    Booties: Slippers that direct hot and cold therapy straight to your feet


     Lumbar Belt: Fasten into our adjustable back targeting pack


    Neck Pack: Eliminates stiffness in your neck in no time


    Shoulder WrapUnwind with the ultimate shoulder and neck treatment



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    Features: •

    Nature's Approach® Herbal Packs provide you with easy to use hot and cold natural aromatherapy relief. Our herbal packs can be used anywhere on your body delivering relief by targeting muscle soreness and stiffness from your daily routine. These packs are travel friendly and help easily treat bursitis, tendonitis, sprains/strains, migraines, headaches and other problems originating with muscle soreness and stiffness. 

    How It Works:

    Hot Treatment:

    Heat an herbal pack in the microwave for a few minutes and place it on aching muscles or joints for fast relief. The moist heat and soothing fragrance of lavender, rosemary, spearmint and other herbs and grains will help reduce pain so you can decompress after a long day or tough workout.

    Cold Treatment:

    Freeze the pack overnight and use it to reduce swelling, muscle spasms or bruising. The natural herbal fill will always conform to the contours of your body for maximum relief.

    Aromatherapy Herbal Pack Filling Includes 100% Nature's Finest Herbs: •




    Valerian Root




    White Willow


    Yellow Dock Root


    •Flax Seed*


    *provides moist heat therapy