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Volt® Electric Slippers



Volt® Electric Slippers use the same heating technology that warms the heated seats in your car. Powered by very small rechargeable lithium battery packs, simply slip them on and instantly enjoy soothing heat for hours on a single charge. Designed to be worn outside or inside, as they incorporate a non-slip outer-sole making them versatile enough to be worn as a slipper or as a boot.

The Volt heated indoor/outdoor slipper uses 3v™ fiber heating technology in conjunction with with powerful but lightweight lithium rechargeable batteries providing hours of soothing warmth. It uses tiny conductive fibers that are woven throughout the insole and then sandwiched between foam and a foot-bed lining that not only cushions the foot but also helps to insulate as well. Turn the battery "on" and the heat is immediate. The 2200mah battery instantly begins to provide 2.2 watts of heat to your feet helping to stimulate blood flow and chasing away the cold.  

• Includes:

  • 2 rechargeable 3.7v lithium batteries
  • Battery charger


  • •Up to 6+ hours of use per charge
  • •Anti-Rip Nylon•
  • Provides between 110 degrees – 135 degrees of pulsing heat