The Benefits of Exercising Outside

Who needs an expensive gym membership when you can exercise for free? There are countless benefits to exercising in general, but what about the ones specifically related to working out outdoors? 

1. You burn more calories: Whether you are running, biking, or rollerblading, any resistance from wind will often allow you to actually burn more calories. Any incline or uneven ground will also let you burn more calories.

2. You don't get as bored easily: Going on a run outside gives you a lot more to look at, therefore you won't get bored as easily. Having different scenery to look at will allow time to go by faster and essentially distract you, resulting in a longer workout without even realizing it. Along with the changing scenery, it is easy to switch up your routine. Swimming, hiking, walking, running, rollerblading, biking, and playing sports all all great ways to get your body moving outdoors!

3. You'll save money and have easy access: Not only do we all hate a crowded gym, but we also hate the expensive prices of a gym membership. During the nicer months, take your workout outside to cut down on any gym expenses. Also, if you are on a tighter time frame then it's a lot easier to just walk out the door and start your workout compared to having to drive all the way to your gym

4. Exercises your mind as well: When you workout outside, your mind will be forced to focus differently due to the changing terrain. Studies show that exercising outdoors will stimulate your mind more. It's also beneficial to your mental well-being to be outdoors and acts as a natural antidepressant. 

5. You can multitask: If you have a dog this is the perfect way to hit two birds with one stone. If you are going on a walk or jog then bring your dog along! By the end you will both be tired out and ready to relax.

Of course any exercise requires the proper equipment and apparel. If you want to get a good workout outdoors on a hot day, check out our cooling gear to save you from experiencing any heat exhaustion. 

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